Sorry … I couldn't carry you like this since you were a plum child and even now you are with a paunch( I bet you and some of my friends would google this word) which you think are your abs …kuch bhi

I remember showing him my first writing and forcing him to read it. After reading, he opened his mouth to this, “How much are you getting paid for it?”. And when I started flaunting that writing for me is personal satisfaction and not an earning source, he said he wouldn't write this much even for a $100.

That's when I decided to show him the power of the proverb that we have been hearing since childhood, “Pen is mightier than a sword” and making his living as hell as Conjuring 3, dedicating a whole story to him. I vow to make this story as viral as the viral fever so that it reaches to each and every of his friend. Sibling Revenge …(the worst of all forms)

I miss the smaller version of you, whom I could very easily bully and beat black and blue. Wanting to do the same now would result in me being in some hospital with multiple fractures.

Your childhood was all about Bob the builder, shuk shuk Train, Beyblades, Ben Ten watches which were never shared and are still safely placed in the closet. How precise and careful you are with your things …uff..

Nowadays it's all about flaunting how you have quite a height and always coming and standing behind me when I am getting ready in front of the mirror and making me look shorter… Realizing the importance of height.

You joining coaching for 10th was heavens above for me, until I realized that the new found love was for a Tablet which the coaching people were to give and not for studies.

The Tablet only had the learning app with no sign of Android. Tablet and you started spending a lot of time together which made me curious only to find out that there was no sign of the learning app on the Tablet, the Android had made a re-entry like a telly serial vamp… with a dozen games installed.

That’s when I realized, you definitely are a little more than a nut.

You and patience are a synonym were again a great realization when I was going totally mad at giant e-commerce for making me wait for another 24 hours for my phone ..and how I canceled the order and went to a nearby shop and bought a phone then and there…

That’s when you very softly said… “See how it feels when people don’t keep their promises, I had been promised for a PlayStation every summer, Diwali, Christmas sale, since the last few years…and I am still waiting for it patiently”

You made me realize that comparing Studiousness to Talent is wrong. Not all successful and intelligent people are highly educated or studious. Not necessarily your ability will show up in a scorecard.

Unfortunately, our parents couldn't understand that and always made you feel that you are good for nothing since you couldn’t score well and your elder sister being a nerd and an all-rounder made it even worse for you.

Comparison between siblings would make their relationship bad which it did in our case to a small extent and eventually, make the individual lose his / her confidence.

Underestimation in your case is an underdog … it’s great to be able to forbear all those taunts every day and to still stick with your dream and career aspiration.

You wanting to make a career in Gaming is again something that they cannot understand. For many, including me, Gaming is a waste of time and energy, maybe grapes are sour in my case since I couldn't even play that snakes game in older Nokia phones.

Dear Parents, a career or a job wouldn’t always mean an office and a 9 to 5 job. Time is changing, people are making their hobbies their career and they tend to be happier and successful. At least they don’t have Monday blues and they don’t live for a weekend anymore.

It’s difficult to understand the new types of career option when in your time there were either government or private jobs and freelancing and outsourcing were nowhere in the picture.

Teenagers now are more inclined towards making a career through social media, graphics, creative writing, ethical hacking, photography, blogging, etc than doing normal outdated courses and juggling between job, house and office politics.

Change is the only permanent thing in life or else we would still have been in the stone age.

This being a very good change since it gives us more freedom and time to be able to do things which we love.

But Parents being Parents tend to question the reliability of such a job and also the job status in the society, when more importance should be given to the satisfaction it gives then the monetary and status value.

I hope that Parents tend to accept this new career sources and support their kids in fulfilling their dreams rather than considering them as a waste.

Lastly Dear Mom Dad, your other child is equally talented, give him a chance to prove himself and support him to the fullest in this new phase of his life.

I know you would make them proud with whatever you choose to do in your life.

Your elder sister will always be there for you whenever you need her and yes I will keep my promise this time and buy you a PS 4 pro since you are not ready to settle for anything less in your life.


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